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Body Fitness Food List: The Best Things to Eat Before Hitting the Gym

There are lots of pre-workout nutrition rules and strategies! Here is a body fitness food list that can help you stay in the best shape possible – the best things to eat before working out!

When it comes to snacks and preparing for working out, there are no better friends than carbs. Yes, carbs are your gym partner. This is just one information you should know if you want to stay in shape, eat healthy, and have the energy to exercise. If you want to live a healthy life, you need to invest in knowledge first.

Fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes are constantly looking for different ways to improve their performance and achieve different goals. As you probably know, proper nutrition can help your body take action, perform better, and also recover faster after exercise. Before you go to the gym, you need to learn how to maximize your performance but avoid muscle damage at the same time so in the best fitness on instagram, you will have tips and ways to have the body you want accompanied by a very good diet.





Fueling your body with proper nutrition prior working out will give you the strength and energy you need to perform better and achieve better results. As we said, carbs are really important as your muscles use their glucose as a fuel. For longer exercises, the level to which carbs are used usually depends on different factors such as the type of training, intensity, and your overall diet. For high-intensity and short exercises, your liver, as well as, your muscle stores of glycogen are your main source of energy. Besides carbs, here comes the protein. A lot of studies have shown the incredible potential of pre-workout protein consumption to enhance and maximize athletic performance. By consuming protein before working out has proved to boost muscle protein synthesis. Fat is the source of fuel, especially when it comes to moderate-to-low and longer exercises.

The timing of your pre-workout meal is also very important. If you want to improve the results of your training. You need to eat carbs, protein, and fat at least 2-3 hours before hitting the gym. In many situations, you won’t be able to get a meal 2-3 hours before working out, in this case, you need to eat as sooner as possible and remember, the smaller the meal the better. Try to eat at least 1 hour before your workout and select types of foods that are easy to digest.

When it comes to a specific body fitness food list, here are some recipes you could make easily and are perfect for a pre-workout snack or meal:

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  • Toast with sliced banana & cinnamon – Carbs and carbs! The secret is to have a combination of simple and complex carbs so the release of energy, while you are at the gym, is slow and steady. By eating a toast with sliced banana and cinnamon will give you both types of carbs and they are also super easy to digest.
  • Grilles chicken & mixed vegetables – You need to keep in mind that your body in a recovery mood, meaning you need a nutrient dish, The carbohydrates and lean protein in the chicken will fill up your body. We highly recommend you to add some veggies as they can keep you slimmer and in top shape.
  • Greek yogurt & trail mix – If you are preparing for a cardio or for a long run, eating yogurt is probably the best thing you could do for your body. It is super easy on your stomach and will give a stimulation your body needs. Select a combination that is mostly dried fruit or nut.

By following this body fitness food list you will fuel up properly and recover right!